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2023 was so weird for me. I spent most of it traveling - first around Asia, then Europe, then to a few select US cities. It was something I wanted to try - living out of a suitcase and figuring it out as you go along, but I also had one eye open for a new city to fall in love with. 

It was an interesting adventure for sure, but also this extreme temporary living became a bit challenging there towards the end. After about seven months, I felt disconnected and I was really itching to work on something creative. I wanted my tools and supplies and a space to make. This made finding a permanent space feel a bit urgent. 

I visited some US cities that people have always told me to check out, but my trip to New Jersey just felt right. So, I packed my belongings and made the move. I never thought I would live in New York again. EVER. But, New Jersey is not New York. I live in a lovely neighborhood, where living feels easy and quiet and NYC is a short bus or train ride away. 

I found an art studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City and am slowly getting it set up. I had my first "work" day there this week. Honestly, it was a little awkward and uncomfortable. I feel so disconnected from my work and am not sure what to make next. 

But, I'm optimistic about my new set up. I feel closer to inspiring things - art stores, museums, events, and interesting people, but also safely tucked away from everything in my little neighborhood. So, we'll see what 2024 brings in this new life. 

The move - I took everything on an airplane:  

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