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MISASSEMBLED is wearable art focusing on jewelry, custom body sculptures, and hand crafted headpieces, designed and created by Swain McCaughrin. Swain is a Berlin-based American visual artist, working in multiple mediums including acrylics, oils, and wearable forms of paper, wood, PVC, and 3D printing.

Her idea of wearing art began in New York City in 2007. After moving there from Oklahoma, she found a creative escape in nightlife, and began folding paper and other materials to make large scale, origami-like installations for warehouse parties. With her self-taught sewing and fashion design skills, her installations evolved into sculptural geometric designs to wear, merging art with fashion and movement with sculpture. 

MISASSEMBLED began forming in 2012 as a way to expand her vision of wearing sculptures. She started dressing her musician and performer friends and developed a series of accessories in wood and paper.

After moving to Berlin in 2015, she focused on making her fragile sculptures more wearable and available by developing a small line of 3D printed jewelry. Heavily inspired by architecture, crystal formations, geometry, origami, and electronic music, her pieces are complex sculptures focusing on sharp angles and precise lines, built specifically for those who find expression in the infinite variety of geometric forms in the three dimensional world. 

She has shown her work in New York City and Paris, and has created pieces for musicians IAMX, Corlyx, and Demetr1us. Her work has been published in Elléments Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, HUF Magazine, CulTour Magazine, and Poletna Branje Magazine. Her jewelry was also on display during NYC Fashion Week at Pratt.

Check out her other art at www.swainart.net